Room with a View: Staying at the Conrad Istanbul Bosphorus

December 18, 2017

Conrad Istanbul
By now, you probably know that Istanbul is one of my favorite places ever! Recently, I booked (quite spontaneously) a flight to that bustling city and enjoyed a weekend getaway with my boyfriend. Other than visiting our usual spots, we were happy to stay in a property that we haven’t experienced yet: The Conrad Istanbul Bosphorus. Let me tell you in advance: it did not disappoint!

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2017 Christmas Gift Guide for Travelers

December 4, 2017

gift guide travel

The holiday season is slowly but surely approaching and it’s time to think about what to gift your loved ones. Whether it’s a non-stop jet setting friend of yours, your sister who has a severe case of wanderlust or maybe even yourself. Here is my gift guide for travelers with products that I am loving and things that are also on my wish list.

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Travel Diary: 3 Days in Sierra de Aracena, Spain

November 23, 2017


Last month I visited Sierra de Aracena, which is a collection of charming villages amidst a lush national park in the province Huelva located in Andalusia, a southern part of Spain. My days consisted of lots of food. Really good food that is! Besides my gastronomical adventures, I also explored many beautiful villages and learnt a lot about the region, its traditions and its locals. In a nutshell, Sierra de Aracena is truly a hidden gem!

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New York City For First Time Visitors: 15 Things To Do

November 12, 2017

things to do in new york

If there has been one place that has always been on my list, then it is New York City! I was dreaming of strolling through the streets of Manhattan, looking up at the skyscrapers on Times Square, relaxing in Central Park and eating quirky food in Brooklyn. Millions of people come to New York each year to see what all the fuzz is about. They say there is no place like it and I completely agree. If you’re traveling to the city for the first time, then I got you covered! Here is the ultimate guide for first timers on things to do in New York!

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A Sunset Cruise in New York City

October 26, 2017

cruise new york

There is no other skyline in the world like the New York City skyline! Whether you see it from the window of the plane, in between the concrete jungle or from the Hudson River, the skyline leaves every visitor impressed. During my trip to the city, I was able to experience a night aboard the Hudson’s at Pier 81, a casual dinner cruise along the Manhattan skyline.

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Island Hopping in the Maldives: My Itinerary

October 8, 2017

island hopping maldives

I often got asked about the islands I’ve visited in the Maldives and the amount of time I spent there. So, here is finally my Maldives itinerary! My boyfriend and I spent about two weeks island hopping in the Maldives. Of course, I wouldn’t have minded to stay longer, but two weeks gives you plenty of time to discover the Maldives. We visited several resort islands and also stayed on a local island. So, you can say we had the best of both worlds.

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Post-Travel Detox: My Juice Cleanse Experience with ‘Kale and Me’

September 11, 2017

kale and me

Let’s be real here guys! I’ll be the first to admit that I occasionally indulge when traveling. I mean who can say no to delicious French macarons, Italian pizza, pasta and gelato and Pad Thai in Bangkok. We are all guilty of eating and enjoying foreign specialties a little too much, right? In order to get back on track in terms of healthy eating, I tought about trying out a juice cleanse for the first time. So, here is how my juice cleanse experience with Kale and Me went:
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A Luxurious Stay at the Regent in Berlin

July 8, 2017

Berlin regent

Upon entering the Regent Hotel in Berlin, I felt like walking into a royal residence. The lobby of the five star hotel couldn’t be more opulent and chic. Beautiful fresh flowers, plenty of golden details, elegant marble elements, fancy chandeliers and even a piano. It can’t get more luxurious than this!

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How Much Does a Day Cost on A Local Island in the Maldives?

June 26, 2017

Maldives cost

The Maldives have the reputation of being a luxurious honeymoon destination. While this is certainly true, there is also another side of the Maldives. By choosing to visit local islands instead of a resort island, you can explore this remote paradise in an affordable way. Here is how much a day approximately costs on a local island in the Maldives:

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