Berlin by Season: 5 Things to Do in Winter

February 5, 2017

Berlin winter

Quite honestly, winter is my least favorite season to spend in Berlin. It is usually grey, cold and people look grumpy at you (don’t take it personally, it’s the weather). To combat my winter mood swings, I have found several things to cheer me up. So, if you find yourself in Berlin during the winter period, then I’ve got you covered. Here we go:

1. Go Museum Island Hopping
The Museum Island, which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage, consists of five museums that are surrounded by the river Spree, hence the name. One of the most popular and impressive museums is the Pergamon museum. The perfect place to escape the Berlin winter, if you’re a history buff.

2. Visit a Christmas Market
Strolling through a festive Christmas market, smelling all the spices, sipping some mullet wine and eating warm roasted nuts, is easily one of my favorite ways to spend a winter day. Luckily, Berlin is not short of many beautiful Christmas markets. Unluckily, they are only open during December.

Read about my favorite Christmas markets in Berlin here.

winter berlin

3. Eat at Markthalle Neun 
If you’re a street food lover like myself, then you will love Thursdays at Markthalle Neun in Kreuzberg. This place offers you all kinds of street food from all over the globe in a cosy atmosphere. Veggie and vegan options are available. You can literally eat your way through the world. Yummy!

Read the whole post about Street Food Thursday here.

4. Have a Spa Day
Once in a while, it is nice to have a spa day to fully relax and warm up during colder days. A tranquil and enjoyable spa that I can recommend is called Liquidrom. It is located centrally near Potsdamer Platz. You can easily spend the whole day there getting pampered.

5. Take a walk in a park
Now and then, Berlin is blessed by blue skies and sunshine on a crisp winter day. Take advantage of this  and go out for a walk. Great places to take a walk during a sunny day include Grunewald and Tiergarten. If snow was falling, it will resemble a winter wonderland.

Do you have any recommendations for winter activities in Berlin?

Berlin winter

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