Breakfast in Istanbul: Van Kahvalti Evi

October 19, 2015

breakfast istanbul van kahvalti evi

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and Turkish breakfast is definitely no exception. Since moving to Istanbul, I’ve heard many people rave about the breakfast in Van Kahvatli Evi. Of course, I had to try it! So, I grabbed some friends to have an extensive Turkish brunch in urban Cihangir, a neighborhood of the district Beyoglu. Spoiler: We were stuffed and happy! Here is what breakfast at Van Kahvatli Evi in Istanbul looks like!

breakfast istanbul van kahvalti evi
On the sidewalk you will spot a bustling crowd of expats and young locals that are waiting for a free spot in this cozy and lively café. After eating your way through the menu, it’s easy to see why this place is so popular. Van Kahvalti Evi prides itself to include local and regional specialities in their breakfast offer. Van is a city in the eastern part of Turkey, that is home to some serious breakfast lovers, who enjoy this meal throughout the day.

breakfast istanbul van kahvalti evi

The waiter will bring you numerous small plates that will quickly cover your whole table. From savory dishes like tasty dips, to plates of homemade honey and more that will satisfy your sweet tooth. You will also be served a delicious selection of Turkish cheese, fresh tomatoes and cucumber, Turkish olives, menemen (the Turkish version of scrambled eggs with onions, green peppers and tomato), soaked cherries, a tahini paste with grape syrup, some hazelnut spread and bread.

This would already be enough to fill you up. However, the Van breakfast includes in addition some regional specialities. Kaymak is milk-scented clotted cream that is served with homemade honey and murtaga is a mixture of wheat and eggs, that is eaten with a walnut paste.

breakfast istanbul van kahvalti evi

Don’t forget to have endless cups of cay (Turkish tea) to truly experience a local breakfast in Istanbul. You can enjoy your meal until 5 PM at Van Kahvalti Evi. If you plan on visiting this place on the weekend, make sure to book a table!

Van Kahvalti Evi
Defterdar Yokusu No.52/A
Cihangir, Beyoglu, Istanbul

Do you like breakfast? Have you ever had Turkish breakfast?

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