Food Day Friday: District Mot in Berlin

May 15, 2015

district mot berlin

On a Sunday, my boyfriend and me decided to give District Mot a try. A friend of ours has raved about this restaurant, so we needed to check it out for ourselves. District Mot is a Vietnamese restaurant that serves typical street food. It is located in Mitte, just around the corner of Transit.

The first thing that you will notice about District Mot is it’s amazing interior design. They put a lot of effort and creativity into their decor, so that it resembles a Vietnamese street food parlor. There are colorful plastic stools, baskets filled with spices and a cart full of random things, which you could usually buy on an Asian market.

district mot berlin

Now let’s get to the good stuff: the food! Our waiter made some great recommendations. We had several smaller dishes including their famous award-winning ‘De La Sauce’ burger. The burger (that also comes in a vegetarian option) combines steamed buns, three homemade sauces and mango. A unique kind of burger and absolutely delicious! Another favorite of mine was the super tasty papaya salad that you should try, too. 

distrcit mot

District Mot offers familiar choices like summer rolls or dim sum, but serves some more adventurous options as well. Maybe you will be brave enough to try the chicken feet salad or the buttered, deep-fried silkworms.

You will enjoy visiting District Mot, if

  • you love to try unique and special dishes.
  • you value good quality and freshly homemade meals.
  • you want to have a quick escape to Asia.

Our friend was right about this place and I can definitely recommend a visit to District Mot. It tends to get crowded in the evening and on the weekends, so make sure to book a table. I hope you will enjoy your little Asian staycation in Berlin.

District Mot
Rosenthaler Straße 62
10119 Berlin – Mitte 

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