How to find the perfect travel companion

March 21, 2015

find travel companion

When planning your next adventure, you will need to ask yourself  several questions: Where should you travel to? When is the perfect time to go? And who do you take with you? The last question can sometimes be difficult to answer (if you’re not a solo traveller). There are numerous possibilities like family members, friends, your significant other or even strangers.

I remember, when I traveled to Spain with my Mom and my sister a few years ago. The sun was shining bright, the sky was blue and my mood was splendid. My Mom and I were ready to explore a nearby cliff that would have an amazing view over the ocean. Well, my sister not so much. She felt more like lying on the beach instead of wandering a cliff.

Although I get along perfectly (most of the times) with my sister and we do share similar interests, she wasn’t the perfect fit for this specific travel adventure.
If you want to find a good travel partner, you will need to answer several questions about your potential travel companion:

  • What do you expect from your journey? 
    This question is your base for all the other ones. You have to define your expectations: Do you only want to relax on the beach? Do you feel adventurous? Do you have a city trip in mind? Are you only interested in sightseeing? Do you want to party?
  • Who are your possible travel partners?
    Think about who you could take with you on your trip. If you go on an adventurous journey, where you will learn to surf or climb mountains, then you probably won’t take your grandmother with you, right?
  • What do you expect from your travel companion?
    Consider characteristics that would be necessary in order for you to cope well with the person. For example those could be: being spontaneous, waking up early versus sleeping in, being interested in culture, sharing similar interests and so on.
  • Are you able to trust the person?
    This question is of huge importance! I’ve heard of several bad experiences from friends. Their travel companions stole from them during their journeys. That is something that you definitely want to avoid! If you can’t trust your travel companion how will you be able to have your valuables near them?
  • Do you enjoy being around the person 24/7?
    Think about this question thoughtfully. You will be around this person from the beginning to the end of your travels. Your travel companion will be next to you, when you board the plane, when you wake up, when you eat for lunch, when you explore the city, when you relax on the beach and when you have a bad day. You get the idea. You are literally around your travel companion every single moment of your journey.

Nowadays, I usually travel most of the times with my boyfriend and I am glad, that it works so well. We have similar interests, when it comes to traveling: We love to discover a place the whole day and to explore the unknown. We always try the local foods and drinks (sometimes we regret it though). Furthermore, we are able to make compromises, love to make new experiences and we try to make the most of the day.

Who is your favorite travel companion? Have you any tips?

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