How to Act Like a Local in Berlin

September 1, 2014

act like local berlin

You’ve heard the advice probably before: don’t act like a tourist, do what the locals do. But if you haven’t been to a city, how do you know how the locals act? Well, you usually don’t. Thanks to the Internet and some preparations, you can have the same experience as the natives and see more than the common Berlin tourist. Here is a guide on how to not look like a tourist in Berlin!

Getting Around
The public transportation in Berlin is one of the best in Europe. So it comes to no surprise that the locals take it anywhere they go. You can reach almost every point in and around Berlin anytime you want to by bus, subway, tram and even by ferry. Quick tip: the S-Bahn is Berlin’s rail way system, while the U-Bahn is the underground subway.
Another favorite means of transportation: the bike.

Break the Language Barrier
You won’t learn the language over night (German grammar is not the easiest!), but it is nice to be able to say the most essential words. A little crash course in German:
Guten Tag! – Hello!
Danke! – Thank you!
Bitte – Please
Auf Wiedersehen! – Goodbye!
Ja, nein – Yes, no

The Späti
A Spätkauf (short Späti) is a small shop, where you can buy drinks, snacks, newspapers and more. You can find them anywhere in Berlin and they are open anytime. If you need something and all the shops are already closed, try your local Späti. There are chances that they carry what you need.

Be “rude”
This may sound a bit harsh, but Berliners sometimes leave the remark that they are cold, often grumpy people with a rough humor. This is also called the “Berliner Schnauze”. Don’t be intimidated! It is in no way a mean-spirited behavior. So, don’t take it too seriously and be a bit “impolite” yourself.

Street Food
If you are in a rush and don’t have time to sit down nicely in a restaurant, grab something to go. The favorite choices of Berliners are: the Turkish Döner, the Vegetarian Falafel and the famous Currywurst. Be sure to try at least one of them! Guten Appetit!


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