Staying At Cappadocia’s Best Cave Hotel: Kale Konak

November 29, 2015

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One thing you can’t miss in Cappadocia is staying in a cave hotel! In the land of fairy chimneys and surreal landscapes, I found myself staying at the Kale Konak Cave Hotel that offers a luxurious cave experience combined with Turkish hospitality. This boutique cave hotel is located at the peak of Cappadocia, which ensures you to have magnificent views of the complete scenery. Here is my experience of staying in Cappadocia’s best cave hotel!

A Quick Overviewhotel cappadocia
The Kale Konak Cave Hotel is located in Uchisar next to the Uchisar Castle, which is the highest point of Cappadocia. Uchisar is a small village that dates back to 2000 B.C. and that is about 5 km away from Göreme, which is the touristic center of Cappadocia.

The lovely stone building originated in the first century and includes 17 rooms, one restaurant, where the breakfast takes place, a beautiful garden and several terraces.

Additionally, the hotel offers all guests entrance to its own Hamam, which is a traditional Turkish bath and the ideal place to relax after a day full of exploring. I would definitely recommend to check it out during your stay.

The Room
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When stepping into the room, you feel like you just entered a different period of time. It exceeded my expectations!

I stayed in the spacious Kale Suite, which consists of a living room with a second level and an additional bed (pictured above), an extensive bed room and a bath room (also pictured). The rooms had curved ceilings, antique furniture and were overall tastefully decorated mostly in neutral tones. Although the room sets you back in time, they offered all the modern necessities (TV, kettle, Wifi). The highlights included a small fire place, an antique looking phone and the most comfiest bed in which I fell happily asleep each night.

Luckily, our windows faced the sunrise, so that we were able to enjoy the incredible view of the rising balloons in the morning.

Each room of the hotel is decorated individually. You will find a lot of lovely details, small antiques and beautiful lamps throughout the hotel. The interior fits perfectly the charming and cosy atmosphere of this place. All in all, I felt very much at home in my suite.

The Cave Experience

cappadocia hotel

Upon arrival at the Kale Konak Hotel late in the evening, we were immediately welcomed by a member of the staff. He accompanied us to our suite and offered us a quick tour of the hotel. Instead of taking an elevator, you will walk through a maze of tunnels leading to the rooms, the dining area and the hamam. Already feeling like a little adventure!

The next morning I was able to see this place in all its glory. The hotel resides in beautiful stone buildings that are partly integrated into the original Cappadocia cave. From the garden and the terrace you have a magnificient view over the landscape.

The entire hotel combined with it’s phenomenal surroundings has an intimate, warm and romantic feel, creating an enchanting experience that makes it difficult to leave this property. It also explains why so many choose the Kale Konak as their honeymoon accommodation.

cappadocia hotel
Can I please have this breakfast each morning?
Every day I was looking forward to the delicious homemade Turkish breakfast that will keep you fueled for the day exploring Cappadocia. It includes savory and sweet Turkish specialities like börek (pastry filled with feta), dried tomatoes with walnuts and olives in oil, a plate of cheese and quince jam. Furthermore, you will receive some fruits and vegetables, fried eggs, two types of olives, honey, a basket of bread and fresh pressed orange juice. One thing that cannot lack on any Turkish breakfast table is cay (Turkish tea). If needed, coffee is available as well. A staff member will take care of all your needs with the warm-hearted hospitality that this country is known for.

You will notice the cats and two dogs around the outdoor area. I have to admit that I absolutely fell for the adorable little golden labrador called “Köpük” and the older lady, who is pictured below.

cappadocia hotel

When staying at the Kale Konak Hotel, you have to take advantage of its ideal location. Wake up early and watch the balloons taking their flights during the sunrise. For the best view just walk on the path between the Uchisar castle and the hotel and enjoy the view. Simply magical!

In addition, you can also spot the Mount Eryciyes, which is the highest mountain of central Anatolia and a volcano as well.

cappadocia hotel
While staying at the Kale Konak, you will feel much more than just a guest. Rather you feel like you have arrived home in a different world. My stay at the Kale Konak completed my travel experience of Cappadocia and my three-night stay made me easily fall in love with this place. The unique location, the lovely historical stone building and most notably the warm-hearted hospitality make the Kale Konak Cave Hotel the best choice in Cappadocia.

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Thank you to the Kale Konak Cave Hotel for hosting me! The opinions expressed on this blog are always my own.

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