5 Luxury Adventures On My Bucket List

November 10, 2015

luxury adventures
While trying to study for my mid-terms, this unavoidable issues keeps on stopping me: daydreaming. I distract myself with luxurious gateways, that would serve as the perfect after-exam treat. Breathtaking sceneries, incredible experiences and fancy accommodations! A girl can dream, right? So, let’s get into some daydream worthy luxury adventures!

1. Safari in Africa
This is a once in a lifetime adventure, that should be on everyones bucket list! The most exciting thing is spotting the “Big 5”, which refers to Africa’s major animals: elephant, lion, rhino, leopard and buffalo. The rest of the day can be spend relaxing in a luxurious lodge on a tree surrounded by the wild life.

2. The Yacht Life
Grab a couple of friends, take a bikini and head on a luxurious yacht vacation along the Italian coast. The days will be spending tanning on the yacht, exploring beautiful Sicily, swimming near nice beaches and of course indulging in way to much Italian food. That’s the good life!

3. An Island Escape
As the days are getting shorter and darker, the beach is where I would like to escape to. My top three picks would be the Seychelles, the Maldives and Turks & Caiscos. All I need right now is translucent water, white beaches, palm trees and endless sunshine. Pure bliss!

4. Glamping in the Desert
After my first trip to a desert in Egypt, I can’t wait to explore more hot sand dunes in Africa or the Middle East. Imagine a colorful tent in the middle of nowhere, where you have a fancy picnic with local specialities while gazing at stars. Oh, and don’t forget the rides with the camels!

5. Exploring Thailand
Thailand has been on my bucket list for quite a while now. Crystal blue water, colorful sunsets, ancient temples, incredible waterfalls, island hopping and amazing food – that’s what I expect a trip to the country of smiles to be.

What is your dream luxury adventure?

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