Post-Travel Detox: My Juice Cleanse Experience with ‘Kale and Me’

September 11, 2017

kale and me

Let’s be real here guys! I’ll be the first to admit that I occasionally indulge when traveling. I mean who can say no to delicious French macarons, Italian pizza, pasta and gelato and Pad Thai in Bangkok. We are all guilty of eating and enjoying foreign specialties a little too much, right? In order to get back on track in terms of healthy eating, I tought about trying out a juice cleanse for the first time. So, here is how my juice cleanse experience with Kale and Me went:
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A Luxurious Stay at the Regent in Berlin

July 8, 2017

Berlin regent

Upon entering the Regent Hotel in Berlin, I felt like walking into a royal residence. The lobby of the five star hotel couldn’t be more opulent and chic. Beautiful fresh flowers, plenty of golden details, elegant marble elements, fancy chandeliers and even a piano. It can’t get more luxurious than this!

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How Much Does a Day Cost on A Local Island in the Maldives?

June 26, 2017

Maldives cost

The Maldives have the reputation of being a luxurious honeymoon destination. While this is certainly true, there is also another side of the Maldives. By choosing to visit local islands instead of a resort island, you can explore this remote paradise in an affordable way. Here is how much a day approximately costs on a local island in the Maldives:

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Staying in a Water Villa at Kuramathi in the Maldives

May 21, 2017

kuramathi Maldives

When it comes to traveling, there are certain things that are on my never-ending bucket list. Staying in a water villa in the Maldives was one of them! During the last stop of our Maldivian journey, I could happily cross of this point from the list. Read here about my water villa experience and my stay at the Kuramathi in the Maldives!

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Maldivian Dreaming: Cocktail Recipe with Oak by Absolut

May 14, 2017

oak by absolut

Ever since I got back from the Maldives, I’ve been missing the tropical vibes. From palm trees and endless ocean views to white sand beaches and cocktails by the pool. I always try to bring my travels home, one way or another. By snapping polaroid pictures, buying fun little things or recreating recipes from aboard. To revive my memories from my trip to the Maldives, I created a cocktail with Oak by Absolut. This Maldivian-inspired cocktail is the perfect refreshing drink for summer!

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A Romantic Getaway at Kurumba in the Maldives

April 23, 2017

kurumba maldives

The Maldives are one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world. After traveling to this picturesque country with my boyfriend, I could easily understand why many newlyweds choose to spent their first days as husband and wife in this place. Here is what a romantic getaway looks like at Kurumba in the Maldives:

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Travel in Style: What to Pack For the Maldives

April 16, 2017

pack maldives

There is only one rule, when it comes to packing for the Maldives: don’t overpack! You will spend most of your time sunbathing on the beach or taking a dip in the water. I ended up only wearing half of my suitcase. This tropical paradise requires only light clothing and lots of beachwear. Here is everything that you should pack for a vacation in the Maldives:

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