Prague at Night: A Magical City

March 15, 2015

prague night

There is no doubt about it: Prague is a beautiful and charming city. Maybe you’ve seen some pictures of the Czech capital, so you know what I talk about. Maybe you’ve even been lucky and you’ve experienced the city for yourself. One thing that I encourage you to do in Prague is to explore this gorgeous city not only during the daylight, but also at night.

At nightfall, it becomes clear why Prague is considered to be a romantic city. The sparkling lights emphasize the Bohemian charm of the city, especially in the old town. In some places it seems like you are set back in another period of time.

prague night

My last visit to Prague was in the beginning of January. It was absolutely freezing, but it was all worth it (although I couldn’t feel my hands anymore). We were lucky to still experience some of the Christmas magic that I’ve heard others rave about. The Christmas markets and decorations were still all over town and the lights illuminated beautifully the city. Everything seemed cozy and a glass of mullet wine helped to feel warm in the cold wind.

On our first night in Prague, we tried to remember the way from Namesti Republiky to the square with the famous Astronomical Clock to visit a Christmas market. After wandering around the festive stalls, we strolled through some alleys and enjoyed Prague’s charming atmosphere. I am fascinated with the buildings in the Old Town! On the way to the Charles bridge we couldn’t resist and got some yummy Czech trdelniks. Something you simply can’t miss in Prague!

prague night

Make sure to explore Prague at night. You’ll experience a change in the city’s vibe and see another side of this romantic city. If you’re not so keen on going on a nostalgic stroll in Prague’s Old Town, you can pay a visit to the numerous clubs and bars in the Czech capital.
PS: Don’t forget to put another sweater on, when visiting Prague in Winter.

What do you think about Prague? Have you ever been there? 

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