How to Take Care of Your Skin When Traveling

November 24, 2016

skin care travel

Travel beauty is its own kind of art that is not easy to master. Let’s be honest here: Long haul flights, different climates and daylong adventures make your face look not the most attractive. I am pretty sure that every girl out there can relate to the struggles of skin care when traveling (am I right?). Having a fresh and glowing face on the road is the ultimate goal. That is why I’ve collected some easy ways to take care of your skin when you travel. Here we go!

Moisturizing should start even before arriving at your destination. The air inside planes is quite dry. It dehydrates your body and skin, so that you should pack your favorite moisturizer in your carry on. The richer and thicker the cream the better!

Use sunscreen
Wether you’re sunbathing on the beaches of Italy, island hopping in the tropical climate of Thailand or ski the German alps, keep your skin healthy by applying sunscreen. When applying foundation, I always make sure to use an SPF-infused foundation like this one. Sun protection should go without a saying!

skin care travel

Pamper yourself
A full day of wandering calls for a relaxing night in! To rejuvenate my skin I like to keep it easy with sheet masks. The Trefiel masks use a plant-based formula and natural ingredients like Vitamin E, aloe and rose extract. They will boost hydration and keep your skin looking refreshed. Cleanse your skin, apply the mask and relax. Et voilà, you will be left with glowing skin! PS: They are also pretty to look at!

Drink water
Staying hydrated is the most essential thing that you can do to keep your skin looking fresh. I always try to have a bottle of water with me when exploring. Never underestimate what water can do for your skin!

Minimize make up
I’m a make up kind of girl, also when it comes to traveling. However, traveling made me minimize my make up routine. Most of the time I use the bare necessities like mascara, a concealer and lip balm. Cutting down on make up will not only keep your skin happy, but will also save you some time in the mornings.

skin care travel

Take off your make up
You’ve probably heard it a thousand times, but I will repeat it nonetheless: take off your make up before going to bed. Always. No excuses. It’s true, if you want to keep your skin clear and healthy, that is what you need to do. My packing essentials for quick and easy cleansing: make up wipes.

Have a good night of sleep
Last, but not least: rest up! Not only will your skin thank you, but you’re body as well!

Have do you keep your skin looking fresh when traveling? What is your travel skin care routine?

This post was written in a collaboration with Trefiel. However, the opinion and photos are as always my own. This post contains affiliate links, which earn me a small commission at no extra cost to you.  

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