9 Things To Do in Berlin (except Sightseeing)

December 2, 2014

things to do Berlin

I often get asked what to do in Berlin, what visitors need to see and what they should experience. If you are a first time visitor or have already been to my home town, I hope this list will help you to find exciting things to do except sightseeing during your time here! 

1. Enjoy an evening at the Spree
The best way to spend a nice and relaxing (summer) night is having some quality time with friends at the Spree, which is the biggest canal in Berlin. During the warmer months a bar is open near the canal, but if you prefer less noise you can easily find a good spot. The Spree is crossing the whole city.

2. Spent your Sunday at Mauerpark 
Being one of the most popular parks (and flea markets) in Berlin, this is definitely, where you want to spent your Sunday. If you want to find some unique bargains, enjoy the sun, have a barbecue or have some fun watching karaoke, this is the place to go. Naturally, the best time to go is during the warmer months of the year, but you should check it out either way. 

3. Eat your way through Berlin
Nom nom nom! Who doesn’t like to eat, right? Berlin offers a huge variety of foods from all over the world.
My tip: Streetfood Thursdays in Kreuzberg! It’s a big street food market with all kinds of different, yummy food (and especially great for indecisive people like me). If you want to try typical Berlin food, then get a Curry Wurst and a Berliner.

things to do in Berlin

4. Have a view from above
There are a lot of possibilities to enjoy a view of Berlin from above. The most popular one ist the Television Tower at Alexander Platz. Other great spots include the Victory Column in Tiergarten, the Teufelsberg in Grunewald and parks in Wedding and Kreuzberg. To enjoy a view during the night, you can visit a roof top bar or club.

5. Shopping
Of course you will find all the common European stores, but Berlin offers you more than that. There are a lot of vintage stores and unique little boutiques as well. If you want to have a buying spree in these kind of stores, then the best borough to do so is Mitte. 

6. Brunch on the weekend
Brunch is probably my favorite meal ever, so I had to include it! I love to try new cafés to have brunch with my girlfriends and chat about everything and anything. For my favorite breakfast and brunch places in Berlin check out this post!

things to do in berlin

7. Explore Berlins famous night life 
The club scene of Berlin is known across Europe! Maybe you have even heard of the most famous club: Berghain (but I have to admit, I have never been there). You can find most underground clubs in Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain. 

8. Wander through the many beautiful parks
Did you know that Berlin is one of Europe’s greenest cities? It is home to more than 2.500 parks and gardens. Near famous sights like the Brandenburg Gate you will find Tiergarten, which is probably the biggest park and I can recommend Schlosspark Charlottenburg, which has a beautiful garden and the Charlottenburg Palace inside of it. 

9. Have fun in a Photo Booth
The infamous old Photo Booths, that are spread across the city, are sure to make awesome memories of your trip to Berlin. For only 2€ you get four black-white pictures with your most attractive faces (not!) on it.

Quick Tip: Make sure to bring some coins!
things to do in berlin

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