5 Things to Do in Prague

September 15, 2014

things do prague

Prague – the capital of the Czech Republic, is a city that everyone should have visited once in their life time. This rather small, historic European city persuades you with it’s charm and it’s architecture that is still intact even after World War II. In addition, Prague is an ideal option for a weekend getaway (assuming that you are located in Europe). Make sure to put some of the following things on your to do list before heading to Prague!

1. Sightseeing without a Map
Get lost! The best way to discover Prague is by foot. All the essential sightseeing spots that you want to see like the Charles Bridge, the Old Town Square, the Wenceslas Square or the dancing house are all within walking distance. Almost all of them are located in Prague 1. If you make sure you stay in this area of the town during your walk, you won’t need a map because you’ll stumble upon them sooner or later. Another advantage: you will discover great spots when wandering through the streets.

things do prague

2. Eat Trdelnik
Yummy! My boyfriend and me were wandering through the streets when we saw a crowd of people standing in front of a small cafe that smelled like vanilla and sugar. Curious like always, we got in the line and tried this pastry and it is absolutely delicious! Trdelnik (or Trdlo) is a traditional, rolled pastry that is baked over an open flame and then sprinkled with a mix of sugar and nuts. It is crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. A must-try food in Prague! You can find Trdelniks (such an odd word) in the old town of Prague.

3. Rent a Pedal Boot
Most tourists cross the famous Charles Bridge, enjoy the view from above and take some selfies on it. I still encourage you to have these experiences, but if you are up to an alternative then rent a pedal boot and discover the bridge from the water. It is a fun and active way to different perspective of the bridge and the surroundings.

things do prague

4. Explore Prague during Night
Prague is not only a beautiful city during the daylight. At nightfall, it becomes clear why Prague is considered to be a romantic city. The sparkling lights emphasize the Bohemian charm of the city especially in the old town, and in some places it seems like you are set back in another period of time. Prague has also a vivid night life, if this right up your alley. Make sure to experience Prague at night during a romantic stroll at Charles Bridge or during an eventful night in Prague’s countless bars and clubs.

things do prague

5. Drink some beer
Personally I am not a huge fan of beer, but if you are a beer enthusiast, then Prague will feel like paradise to you. The Czech Republic is a beer loving country, so it comes to no surprise that the citizens consume more beer per head than in any other country. Prague’s world-renowned Beer is quite cheap, the selection of pubs and beer gardens is large in Prague and you can visit breweries or participate in beer tours, if you’re interested. Cheers or “na zrdavi” as the Chzechs would say!

Have you been to Prague? What are your top things to do?

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  • Reply Dana Badran January 11, 2017 at 7:54 pm

    Great tips, thank you! Can’t wait to try the trdelniks (am I the only one that pronounces them as “turtle necks”?). xxx

    • Reply Girl x Departure January 12, 2017 at 10:53 pm

      Thank you! I have no idea how to pronounce that correctly, but it does kind of resemble a turtle neck 😉

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