20 Things I Love About Berlin

September 22, 2014

things love berlinNo matter where I will live throughout my life, I will always refer to Berlin as my home town. Home is where your heart is! And Berlin is definitely one of the places where it is. For everyone who hasn’t been to Berlin yet, I like to explain why you should visit it and for everyone who has been to Berlin, I hope you can relate to me.

I love Berlin because…

1. You can discover new exciting and beautiful places everyday (and I still do).

2. It is a multinational city. About 190 different nationalities can be found in Berlin.

3. It has a great public transportation system.

4. Each borough is different and unique. For example, compare Charlottenburg and Kreuzberg.

5. It plays a major role in history and you can see that throughout the city.

6. It is quite affordable.

7. Food! One day you eat Asian, next one you try something from Africa and then get French dessert. 
Read more about the food variety here!

8. Berlins night life is one of the best in Europe.

9. You can spend Sundays at MauerparkShopping, eating and listing to live music all at once.

10. You can take awesome pictures in one of the old photo booths.

11. It has a creative vibe. And I don’t mean all the hipsters here.

12. You can spend summer nights at the Spree and on roof tops.

13. Berlin is one of the greenest cities in Europe. It has more than 2.500 parks and gardens.

14. There is street art and music everywhere. 

15. It is vegan and vegetarian friendly. Yes, I am a vegetarian.

16. It gets never boring. There is something going one day and night.

17. You can take your bike to discover the city.

18. You can shop 24/7. The local Späti will provide you with necessities.

19. It offers a multifaceted culture. Numerous Museums, operas, galleries and more.

20. It is home to all kinds of people, which makes the city a lively place.

love berlin

Have you been to Berlin? What did you love about it?

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