5 Tips on how to overcome homesickness

December 18, 2014

tips overcome homesickness

“You never realize how much you like being home unless you’ve been somewhere different for a while.”

I would be lying, if I would say that I haven’t been homesick during my ten months absenteeism from home. It is not easy being away from family, friends and your familiar surroundings for a long time, so it is only natural to become homesick once in a while. Especially “special” kind of days like Christmas season or my birthday were not easy to handle.

So what do you do, if there is that moment that you only want to pack your bags and get on the next flight home? Here are my five key tips, that I have learned on how to overcome homesickness:

1. Distract yourself!
If you’re bored, then you will think about home, what your friends might be doing now and if your dog actually misses you. Be active and busy! Get out of the house, explore your new home, go out for a run, join activities or learn something new. There are endless possibilities to clear your mind.

2. Use technology!
We are lucky to live in the digital age, where you can basically get in touch with everyone, (almost) everywhere at any time. Take advantage of our modern technology and connect with your friends and family, talk to them and you will feel instantly better. Social media platforms like Facebook or Skype are great ways to communicate with people back home.

3. Go shopping!
Who said money can’t buy happiness? Go on a little shopping spree and buy yourself something special that will cheer you up. Maybe a new camera to capture all your moments abroad? Or some delicious food, because eating yummy food equals happiness, right? Well, at least temporarily.

4. Make friends!
Try to make an effort to meet new people as soon as possible. Join clubs, attend events or find people, who are in a similar situation as you. It is always easier to connect with a person when sharing the same interest. Having friends around makes everything easier!

5. Be positive!
Ask yourself: Why did you leave home? What was the reason to go abroad? Remind yourself of the purpose of your time abroad. Write it down and put it on your wall. This will serve as a reminder and a motivation for the future.

At the end of the day remember that is normal to feel homesick and that it happens to all of us. It is okay to have a day off, but don’t forget that your time away from home is only limited. Make the most out of it!

Have you experienced homesickness while being abroad? Do you have any tips on how to overcome homesickness? 

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  • Reply Laura Oana January 28, 2015 at 10:08 am

    I haven`t lived in another country. I moved in another city, far from home in Romania. I haven`t been home for 6 months. I couldn`t bare it any more, so I went home this weekend. It was great! It gave me power to work.
    I was reaally happy that I could see all my relatives. I missed them the most!

    I think one tip of mine would be, like you said in #1: to distract yourself. I usually do that while cooking wth my boyfriend. It helped me a lot.

    Have you ever been in Romania?

    • Reply laura.studen@web.de January 28, 2015 at 12:01 pm

      It is always hard being away from home for a longer period of time. Yes, distracting helped me a lot, too. No, I haven’t been to Romania yet, but I heard great things about it.

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