Travel Planning: Resources You Should Use

August 12, 2015

travel resources

I love to plan and do research before a trip! It gets me exciting for my upcoming travels. There are tons of travel websites and apps that are supposed to help you to have an unforgettable trip. Trying out a bunch of them myself, I discovered that not all of them are worth your time. Here is my collection of travel resources that I use personally.

This is my all time favorite travel website. You can use it to find amazing hotels, great hotspots and fun activities. Everything is reviewed. The app also allows you to download offline city guides.
Available as app

Airbnb is literally your home away from home. I’ve used Airbnb a few times already and it is a great alternative to hotels. PS: You can get $35 off your first stay!
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This website is in my opinion the best and easiest way to compare hotels and find the right fit at the best price.

SwoodooSkyscanner and Momondo
If you would ask me, where you can find the best flights for your buck than these websites would be my answer. Super easy to navigate and always reliable.

Rome 2 Rio
A travel search engine that offers the world’s transport information. It shows you all kinds of options to and from any location including your travel time and the price.

XE Currency
Different country, different money. Well, in most cases. Easily convert your home currency to the locals currency and vice versa.
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travel resources

Travel Apps

Follow people, who inspire you or locals that share great tips. I love to discover places through Instagram! Check out my Instagram here!

Google Maps
This is an obvious one! I still like to use actual maps when discovering a city, but sometimes you need the help of your mobile friend.

Offline Maps
Simply search in the app store for your destination and offline maps and you will probably find a few apps, that will navigate you in case you don’t have any internet.

You have probably encountered some situations that have required some knowledge of the local language. Besides that, it’s always nice to be able to understand a few words in a foreign language.

Wi-Fi Finder
In a world with social media, finding wi-fi is always a big deal. This app shows you a map with all wi-fi spots near you, so that you can connect with home while traveling.

During my stay in Milan, we used Uber for the first time and it worked perfectly. Uber is your own private driver at a great price. I can only recommend it.
PS: Use this code (pdav3ue) to get 10€ off of your first Uber ride.

What are your favorite websites and apps for travel planning?

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  • Reply Kerstin August 13, 2015 at 9:26 am

    What a great collection. Mine are basically the same as yours except that I love CreateTrips too and oh boy my addiction to Skyscanner is getting out of hand at the moment. Blame it on the Wanderlust but I’m literally checking for flights every other day 😀

    Love, Kerstin

    • Reply August 14, 2015 at 6:17 pm

      Thank you! I know what you mean 😉 I need to try create trips, heard great things about it.

  • Reply Dale October 11, 2015 at 8:13 am

    Great list. I use and love them all but haven’t tried Uber outside the USA yet. Next time for sure. Thanks for sharing this!

    • Reply Girl x Departure October 11, 2015 at 2:16 pm

      Thank you! You can easily use Uber in Europe 🙂

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