Travel in Style: What to Wear in Italy

October 16, 2016

wear italy

La bella Italia – home of pizza, pasta and gelato. Besides these delicious things, Italy is also known for its fashion. When wandering the streets of Italy, the sense of fashion will immediately strike you. The women wear feminine, chic and colorful clothing and combine their outfits with fashionable accessories. After coming back to Italy over the years of my travels, I think that I have a pretty good idea of what to wear in Italy.

First and foremost, remember that you need to dress modestly, when entering churches and visiting the Vatican. That means that your shoulders and knees need to be covered. Keep that in mind, when you pack your bags.

I usually pack a lot of neutral colors to mix and match my outfits. I also drop some colorful pieces into my suitcase. Above all, try to option for comfortable clothes. Tight clothing might not be the best idea after indulging in one or too many gelato. After all, that should be on everyone’s Italian bucket list, right?

What to wear when exploring Italian cities

wear italy

Whether you’re exploring Milan, Florence or Venice, an Italian city escape does never disappoint! My wardrobe choices when traveling to these places are summery and breezy dresses. There is nothing else that I can imagine wearing when it is that hot. With all the walking I do and the Italian cobblestone streets, packing high heels is not an option. Instead, I wear some espadrilles and comfy sneakers. To have my hands free to take oodles of photos, I wear a cross body bag in a subtle color.

wear italy


What to wear on a beach vacation 
Italy is definitely not short of amazing spots for a relaxing beach vacation. Whether you’re sunbathing at the colorful Amalfi Coast or enjoying the island life in Sicily or Sardinia, you will surely experience la dolce vita. Things that you shouldn’t miss are colorful and light beach dresses, a straw tote, cute beachwear and of course some big sunglasses. And lastly, don’t forget that chic, floppy straw hat! 

What to wear during the colder months in Italy
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I visited Rome twice – once in January and once in March. Although I traveled during the colder months to this antique city, it was quiet warm (especially coming from Berlin!). For my trips, I packed a light jacket, a big hat and sunglasses. Sunglasses seem not like the most important thing on your packing list, but I can ensure you that Italy boosts with sunshine the whole year. Just another reason to pay this country a visit.


Do you have any style tips for what to wear in Italy?

wear italy

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