Travel in Style: What to Pack For the Maldives

April 16, 2017

pack maldives

There is only one rule, when it comes to packing for the Maldives: don’t overpack! You will spend most of your time sunbathing on the beach or taking a dip in the water. I ended up only wearing half of my suitcase. This tropical paradise requires only light clothing and lots of beachwear. Here is everything that you should pack for a vacation in the Maldives:

Before packing your suitcase, you might want to check what the seaplane weight allowance is. This can save you some money, as you would need to pay for any extra weight. Also consider that the Maldives are a Muslim country, so when arriving at the airport you should dress conservatively. When visiting Malé or a local island, it is usually advised to cover your knees and shoulders.

Most of my suitcase contained airy and colorful dresses that I could easily slip over my swim wear. Especially white dresses complete perfectly the tropical Maldivian setting. 


pack maldives

Swimwear is the most essential thing that you need to pack, when traveling to the Maldives! Pack at least one swimsuit. This will prevent a wardrobe malfunction, when getting active in the water.


pack maldives

Besides way too many dresses, I packed some shorts and tops. Pick pieces that you can dress up or down, from day to night. Overall, choose light and loose clothes and pack one outfit in case of a tropical storm.

Shoes & bags
When it comes to shoes and bags, less is more. A beach bag (some resorts will provide one) and a chic purse for a dinner date is all you need. Regarding shoes, everything flat, comfy and summery is appropriate. 

It goes without saying that sunglasses should be on top of your packing list. Another favorite of mine was a wide-brimmed hat for days lounging at the pool or beach.

First things first, don’t forget to bring sun protection with you. You will need it! To keep your skin and hair healthy, moisturize it regularly. Regarding make up, keep it simple. My must-have was waterproof mascara. Last but not least, a small bottle of insect repeller is necessary. 

This & that
There are certain things, that I can’t travel without. This definitely includes my pink polaroid camera. It creates instantly beautiful memories. As the Maldives are known for their incredible sea life, an underwater camera should be part of your photo equipment! Also, you can’t say no to these cute floating fruits, right?!

pack maldives

What would you add to this list?

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